Panel Data Quality

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We recognize that quality data requires a high quality, representative sample. MyCLEARopinion is consistent and meticulous in communicating with panel members to insure that their responses are not skewed. To insure participation and high response quality, MyCLEARopinion employs:

  • Extensive procedures and technology to verify members' addresses, to detect and prevent duplicate entries as well as detect and close down participants engaged in suspicious activity.
  • Internal engagement surveys are used to monitor our panelists' survey activity for suspicious patterns and behavior
  • A unique response URL and survey number for each panelist
  • Standardized communication within each panelist invitation to insure no leading or project information provided
  • Clear communication of survey requirements, including estimated time to completion
  • Clear communication of incentives associated with participation
  • Links to surveys within each panelist’s unique account login at the MyCLEARopinion website.
  • All emails clearly display opt-out/unsubscribe information, contact information and support addresses

MyCLEARopinion is an actively managed panel community, not a group of recently-recruited internet respondents. We offer CLEARcash incentives to insure that panel members are willing to participate and rewarded for complete and thoughtful participation.