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MyCLEARopinion has access to panelists across multiple specialty industry markets. Aside from targeting panelists specific to your industry, we can target panelist based, state/province, county, city, zip/postal code and DMA, MSA, PMSA, CBSA.

Custom PanelsPipe Installer research panels

Beyond our carefully built and managed panels, our experienced researchers can develop custom panels to specifically meet your needs, be it in-field construction professionals, HVAC professionals, or business-to-business decision makers

Mobile Panel ResearchMobile Communities

Our panels are compatible on all smart phone and tablet technology. We can offer a variety of branding and customization website offerings for your mobile panel community. Our team of experienced and knowledgeable research professionals can help you navigate the intricacies of the research industry.

Research Services, Hosting and Programming

We are happy to host, program and manage any survey in addition to providing sample. We support all standard question types as well as most multimedia types. Other standard features include robust quota management and screener capabilities, advanced survey branching including looping and randomization. We also can provide data analysis and report building services as simple or advances ad you may need.


We offer 24/7 project management on any survey and based on the complexity of the study, our turn-around time from signed contract to deployment is typically within 24 hours.