The Panel

myCLEARopinion Panel has established solid, ongoing relationships with our panelists. This not only ensures sample quality, but also enables us to use extensive member profiling and monitoring to meet the needs of the market research industry. We have created an active and responsive panel by rewarding our members with incentives, and providing excellent customer service to our panel members. Monthly internal surveys are used to engage our members with interesting and relevant topics.

myCLEARopinion Panel offers detailed profiling on all our members. Within our specialty industry panels we have over 170 granular data points to ensure the right people are being sent to your research projects.

One of the strengths of our relationship with our panelists is our equitable incentive system. Every time a panelist completes a survey we provide a CLEARcash point’s incentive that is commensurate with the value of the experience and opinions they provide. The CLEARcash incentive system not only ensures high response rates but more importantly communicates to our members that we value their time and opinions.

Our members are encouraged to update their profiles at least once every six months. In addition, the myCLEARopinion team regularly reviews and updates the profile questionnaire to make it as current and relevant as possible to meet your research needs.

All of this translates into quality through high response rates, detailed profiling, fraudulent panelist detection, elimination and de-duplication.

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